09 Απριλίου 2014 In English

Being in front of an audience of health professionals, with special interest in breast cancer , I think I have an excellent opportunity to give answers to three questions on the Lymphedema which have the potential to affect the patients' quality of life.

1st QUESTION: Is there a cure for Lymphedema ?


Although Lymphedema is a chronic problem, with the appropriate therapeutic approach by qualified Physiotherapist, it can be effectively confronted, thus giving the opportunity to the patient to lead a normal life.

2nd QUESTION: When should I start the therapeutic rehabilitation program for lymphoedema ?

During a study with my team in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the applicable treatment program for lymphoedema , we came up with interesting findings. According to those findings, patients are in danger of

developing Lymphedema mainly during the first 3 years after the surgery , and then there is a risk but to a lesser extent. The obese women aged from 50 years and over increase the risk for developing secondary Lymphedema . Although the effectiveness of the treatment is clearly higher in Stage I, it is impressive that 93.3 % of patients came for treatment when they were in Stage II . In a related question they were asked, they replied that they did not come earlier for treatment because no one suggested it to them. They had not been informed of what caused the swelling, nor what they should do next . We strongly believe that this is just one of the major problems that needs to be managed by all of us who deal with the Oncology Rehabilitation.

3rd QUESTION: What is the appropriate treatment for lymphedema ?

In the video below you will have the opportunity to see the basic principles of the treatment for lymphoedema, in order to realize the true necessities of the patients, according to their specific needs.


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