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Lymphoedema is a fairly common problem. People with certain types of cancer such as women with breast cancer, are at risk of developing lymphoedema. It can occur as a result of radiotherapy, surgery to remove lymph nodes, or because the lymph nodes are blocked by cancer. Lymphoedema that is caused by a disease or the side effect of medical treatment is called secondary lymphoedema.

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How does lymphoedema affect a person?

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Lymphoedema may cause the following symptoms in the affected area:

• Swelling
• Heavy or full sensation
• Tightness and stretching of the skin

Are researchers on the verge of "solving" the back pain problem? This might be a stretch, but there was a notable sense of optimism about the management of low back pain and low back pain disability at this year's International Forum for Primary Care Research on Low Back Pain in Israel. 
As the discussions below indicate, many researchers are hopeful that the back pain crisis in Western societies will begin to abate, in response to rational, evidence-based management approaches.

A recent review has concluded that: "Initial studies have found massage to be effective for persistent back pain. Spinal manipulation has small clinical benefits that are equivalent to those of other commonly used therapies. The effectiveness of acupuncture remains unclear. All of these treatments seem to be relatively safe. Preliminary evidence suggests that massage, but not acupuncture or spinal manipulation, may reduce the costs of care after an initial course of therapy" (Cherkin et al., Ann. Int. Med. 138(11) (2003) 898).

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Manual and manipulative therapy

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About 70 to 80 percent of adults will be affected by low back pain during their lifetimes.1 Physiotherapists have several treatment options that can help patients with LBP whether due to degenerative disc disease or a variety of other causes. Physical therapy and manual therapy including spinal manipulation and patient education to remain active and use appropriate body mechanics can have positive effects and is beneficial for patients with LBP.2, 3 Physiotherapists are trained to identify which of these treatment strategies will be most effective for an individual patient, which further improves the effectiveness of care. 

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Trigger Points - Leon Chaitow N.D.,D.O.

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Research confirms that myofascial trigger points are an element in most chronic pain including fibromyalgia (Melzak & Wall, Travell & Simons). Personal clinical research indicates that these are also key elements in chronic fatigue conditions especially when this involves accessory respiratory structures (scalenes in particular) in cases in which hyperventilation is a factor.

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Releasing the Energy Cyst

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Have you ever had a client whose injury seemed to cause problems long after the site had healed? That is not as unusual as one might think. Research I conducted in the late 1970s with a biophysicist named Dr. Zvi Karni led us to discover that the body can retain the imprints of physical trauma in the tissues. These imprints, which can also include intense feelings that occurred at the time of injury, actually leave a residue embedded in the body. I call these areas of restricted or disorganized energy "energy cysts."

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